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Notre Objectif

Formation d’experts en permettant
aux  étudiants post-gradués 
d’acquérir un savoir-faire dans les
domaines de compétences du

Transfert des connaissances
acquises vers les secteurs socio-
économiques utilisateurs comme
outils d’aide à la décision dédié aux
managers et ingénieurs.

Conduite de tâches d’expertise au
niveau des différents secteurs socio-

Energétique et Thermique Appliquée

Dr   SELADJI Chakib
Email : c_seladji@mail.univ-tlemcen.dz  /  seladji@yahoo.fr
Address  :     Chetouane, Tlemcen, Algeria, 13000
Phone  :           (+213) -555-355-767 (DZ)


- 05/2011: Habilitation "Accreditation to supervise National Research Program
- 02/2010-08/2010 : Post-doc Position at the University of Texas at Austin, USA
- 12/2003-04/2008:  PhD (Doctorat Es. Sciences) Degree in Mechanical Engineering - multiphase flows in porous media -University of Tlemcen -Algeria,
- 08/1994-08/1997: Magistère degree in Industrial Thermal Systems-University of Algiers.(USTHB)
- 08/1989-07/1994:  Engineer degree in Mechanical Engineering- University of Tlemcen -Algeria.
- 09/1986-06/1989 :  "Baccalaureat" -Mathematics studies, Tlemcen High School
- 09/1999-11/1999:  Strategy and Energy planning studies and training, ENPEP Package -Argonne national Laboratory, university of Chicago, Illinois, USA.
- Tele-education using virtual environment "Accolade" Agence Universitaire de la francophonie AUF
                                                          Professional Experiences & Activities

1.Academic Positions : www.univ-tlemcen.dz
"09/22012- Present: General Supervisor of the Academic Educational program "Energy and Environment" , including License and Master levels GE and GTER. 
"From 2011- Present : External Algerian expert for Islamic Development Bank IDB
"03/2012 - Present: ETAP " Energy and Applied Thermal System" Laboratory Director
"05/2011 - Present :  Associate Professor  /Dpt. of Mechanical Engineering 
"02/2010-07/2010: Post-doc position -University of Texas at Austin (USA) Dpt of Petroleum Engineering
"04/2008 - Present :  Assistant Professor "category A" /Dpt. of Mechanical Engineering 
"12/2003- 04/2008  :   Assistant Professor "category B" /Dpt. of Mechanical Engineering
"12/2000- 12/2003 :    Lecturer / Dpt. of Mechanical Engineering

Courses taught
- Thermodynamics
- Heat and mass transfer (industrial drying process)
- cryogenic systems
- Heat exchangers
- Refrigerated systems

Experience in supervising research of Engineers and graduate students
"Two phase flow analysis in petroleum reservoir (graduate student)
"Analysis of pollutants diffusion in an underground reservoir
"Study of a drying process for food materials
"Study of a freeze- drying system for thermo-sensitive products
"Technical & economic analysis of  Wind energy systems in the south of Algeria
"Experimental study on a new absorbent used for the water saving in the agriculture sector

Research interest :
"Heat and mass transfer in porous media (oil recovery, CO2 sequestration, diffusion of pollutants….)
"Energy efficiency and renewable energy
"Computer application in Thermo-fluids  ( using finite volume method)

Researchers in multiphase flows in porous media (selected publications ):

[1]C. Seladji, 2D simulation of drainage performance in stratified vertical porous channel, Journal of Porous media,  2011.
[2]C. Seladji, Analysis of a drainage efficiency in stratified porous media WSEAS Transactions -Applied and Theoretical Mechanics. Vol. 3, N°12,pp. 889-901, 2008
[3]C. Seladji, S. R. Taleb and Y. Khadraoui, Effect of gas phase flow on the flashing phenomena during an ascending two phase (liquid-gas) flow in a porous channel, Journal of Porous media, Vol 10,N° 6 ,pp. 525-536, 2007
[4]C. Seladji, Permeability Effect on the capillary and the viscous forces during the drainage process in porous media, WSEAS Transactions on Applied and Theoretical Mechanics, vol.2,N°11, pp 242-253, 2007
[5]C. Seladji, Influence of the capillary and the viscous forces during the drainage process in a porous media, proceeding of the 3rd WSEAS international conference on Applied and Theoretical Mechanics, Spain, pp.202-205,  December 2007
[6]Seladji c. and al, flashing phenomena in a two-phase flow case (liquid-gas) through a vertical porous channel, presented at the 2005 World geothermal Congress, Turkey 2005.

2.Total Efficiency Consulting Office (09/2001- 10/2006)
-Consulting activities in energy saving program "investments opportunities in LED technology".
-Organization of High National Conference on Water resources saving for "Total Efficiency consulting office" account  with the participation of the Algerian Ministry of Energy.
-Studies on New technologies applied to water saving in the agriculture sector -

3.The Algerian National Agency for Energy Saving "APRUE" (02/1998-11/2001):  www.aprue.org.dz 

-General Manager (interim position) of The Algerian National Energy Saving Agency "APRUE" and other specific responsibility within the Ministry Of Energy and Mine in Algeria.
-The Algerian Coordinator of the European Program "MEDA I"  in Energy Auditing of petrochemical sector
-Studies related to energy saving impact on the greenhouse gas reduction.
-Studies on energy demand of Electricity in household sector 
-Secretary  Member (1999) of the MEDENER Association "Association of the Mediterranean Agencies of Energy saving 

Skills & Knowledge

"Programming language : Fortran
"Software for academic research : SIMPLE Algorithm,  Origin, Surfer, TRNSYS 17, RETSCREEN  
"Microsoft package: WinWord, Excel, PowerPoint, … etc.
"Pinnacle 9, 10. software and Audio-visual knowledge ( realisation of some advising movies)


Arabic:     Advanced level
French:    Advanced level
English *:  Good level